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E4 SKINS – user defined programming

I picked up a flyer for an interesting project that E4 are running in January.


“SKINS is a brand new drama from the makers of Shameless, launching on E4 in January.

We are looking for people to create a music track for a scene in the show, style the cast for a fashion shoot, design a version of the SKINS logo or make a film about the characters. There are some really great prizes to be had, including the chance to come and work at E4.”

Reminds me of Dubplate Drama, which was “the worlds first interactive TV drama.”



Vodafone Receiver – connecting to the future


Here’s an interesting site that I came across, in association with Vodafone, called Receiver.

Its been going a fair old while (its up to issue 17) so its either too cool for school, or more likely they just haven’t a good job of promoting it.

“Vodafone’s receiver magazine is a neutral space where pioneer thinkers challenge you to discuss exciting, future-oriented aspects of communications technologies. Started as a platform for exchange about how innovations in this sector affect societies worldwide, receiver has become one of the industry’s key idea generators.”

Vodafone plans social networking site?

BusinessWeek has reported that Vodafone plans a social networking service, and although specific details are scarce, mentions one of the social networks in talks with Vodafone as being MySpace—but MySpace is making a big push into the global mobile market and is probably talking to any operator that will listen.

Orange trials mobile jukebox service

Orange are trialling a new service in France that lets customers in bars and restaurants text in their jukebox requests. The trial is taking place across 20 sites in France, with plans to roll-out across the country and also in Israel. Although the idea of texting to something in a venue on a night out may not be new (I remember being able to text things like “Jenny, will u sleep wit me l8r?” to a screen in my SU bar at uni), the idea of the whole bar being able to collectively control the music and atmosphere could just be different enough to catch on. Oh, and Jenny, if you’re reading this…call me!

Sony Ericsson sponsors Home Taping Tour

Iris Experience continue the experiential activity for Sony Ericsson with a focus on user- generated content. Consumers will be able to upload their own remixes of tracks and listen to all the other mixes. In a nice touch, the remix that garners the most votes will win its creator the chance to play at the last night of the Home Taping Tour with Zane Lowe, which is being sponsored by Sony Ericsson.

Rihanna endorses LG Chocolate

LG Electronics is pushing the new colour range for the Chocolate handset in the US with an endorsement deal with Rihanna, the R&B singer.

Motorola – Asian pop endorsement

Motorola is aiming to communicate the multimedia experience of its new entertainment PDA, the Motorokr E6, with an integrated campaign featuring Asian pop star, Jay Chou.

It seems strange to me that a PDA is being targeted at a youth segment, as I always think of a PDA as an ‘old mans gadget’ but I guess thats a cultural thing with the UK and how it was traditionally used.