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E4 SKINS – user defined programming

I picked up a flyer for an interesting project that E4 are running in January.


“SKINS is a brand new drama from the makers of Shameless, launching on E4 in January.

We are looking for people to create a music track for a scene in the show, style the cast for a fashion shoot, design a version of the SKINS logo or make a film about the characters. There are some really great prizes to be had, including the chance to come and work at E4.”

Reminds me of Dubplate Drama, which was “the worlds first interactive TV drama.”



Tate Tracks – Klaxons vs. Donald Judd


The excellent Tate Tracks programme continues with the Klaxons vs. Donald Judd.

Great timing for the Klaxons, who have got a strong profile right now.

“Tate Modern invited Klaxons to walk around the gallery and find a work of art that would inspire them to write a track.

In the end, it was one of Donald Judd’s Untitled 1980 which grabbed their attention. It’s an imposing sculpture made from ten pieces of aluminium and perspex stacked above each other to form a giant column. The result is their latest track.”

Check the website from January to hear the track online.

Vodafone Receiver – connecting to the future


Here’s an interesting site that I came across, in association with Vodafone, called Receiver.

Its been going a fair old while (its up to issue 17) so its either too cool for school, or more likely they just haven’t a good job of promoting it.

“Vodafone’s receiver magazine is a neutral space where pioneer thinkers challenge you to discuss exciting, future-oriented aspects of communications technologies. Started as a platform for exchange about how innovations in this sector affect societies worldwide, receiver has become one of the industry’s key idea generators.”

Southern Comfort & The Fader mag ltd. edition 7″

I stumbled across the new site from Southern Comfort, which I have to say is pretty loud! Seems like they’re pushing music (and New Orleans) pretty damn hard, with a couple of “new artist” things going on.


The first is an online music-streamer with a selection of new artists.


Nothing new here – Mercedes and Levis are doing this as well.

What makes it slightly more interesting is that The Fader magazine is involved with the activity in some way, and happen to be a pretty credible source for new music and culture. One of the things they are doing is a limited edition 7″ series:

(courtesy of The Fader magazine)


“The first run of our Southern Comfort/FADER 7-inch series has arrived. For this limited-edition vinyl, we asked Lou Laurita to handle cover art duty, and got some of our pals to contribute unreleased jamz: M Ward and Jim James are featured on the A-side with “Magic Trick (Kansas City Remix),” then flip it over for Ladyhawk’s “Soap”. It’s not available in stores, but we do have copies for our loyal blog readers (that’s you). Email us at and tell us the theme of M Ward’s 2005 album release and we’ll send five of you a copy. For free! Get to Googling and get at us with your answers.”

It feels like a slightly more relevant and interesting approach than the UK campaign – Fat Tuesday, which doesn’t really do anything for anyone except give them another bloody tent at a festival!


Times Square comes to Second Life

The Ad Option (who brought American Apparel to Second Life) is to construct Second Life’s very own Times Square. Apart from being a great place to visit on a virtual holiday, Times Square in Second Life will sell ads to businesses that wish to advertise in the virtual realm but don’t want to bother building their own headquarters / attractions from scratch.

The Square is set to open on the 30th of December, in time for the ball to virtually drop for the New Year. The event will come full with ad spots from Lego, American Apparel, Intel, and others.

(courtesy of Contagious Magazine)

MySpace foray into publishing

“MySpace is making its first UK foray into print publishing with a deal to provide content for Marmalade magazine.

The March 2007 edition of style magazine Marmalade will be entirely made up of user-generated content drawn from the social networking website.

Users will be able to put forward their work via Marmalade’s MySpace page, while the editorial staff of the magazine will be on the look-out for interesting content from pages across the social network.”

Whilst the MySpace idea may work in the online world, providing a portal to otherwise inaccessible content (particularly music and niche social groups), I’m not sure that a print-based version offers the same immediacy or authority – certainly no more so than the already accepted (and trusted) fanzine culture. I can’t help thinking that by offering an opinion via an established magazine, MySpace is falling into the trap of being little more than a columnist with an opinion that could easily become irrelavent to many.

Remember – Playstation Season


Okay okay, Playstation may have messed up with the fake blog, but remember we are halfway through the very interesting (and well thought out) Playstation Season.