E4 SKINS – user defined programming

I picked up a flyer for an interesting project that E4 are running in January.


“SKINS is a brand new drama from the makers of Shameless, launching on E4 in January.

We are looking for people to create a music track for a scene in the show, style the cast for a fashion shoot, design a version of the SKINS logo or make a film about the characters. There are some really great prizes to be had, including the chance to come and work at E4.”

Reminds me of Dubplate Drama, which was “the worlds first interactive TV drama.”



17 responses to “E4 SKINS – user defined programming

  1. Hey Guys just seen ur advert on E4 ( it looks wicked by the way) and i’m interested in doing something 4 u guys! whether it be logo, music or film. If u could give me some info on how to get started that would be great.

  2. im very interested in making some music for the show and id also like to create a cool logo . thx

  3. Chris Taylor

    This looks like a great oppertunity for unknown artists etc, and is good to see this kind of project actually exists. I would love to write a film using the characters and am extremely interested in getting involved. Even if you need a runner, im your man!

  4. Ryan Cudd-Vallely

    I’m really interested in submitting some of my music. If you could give me some info on how to get it to you that would be great. Thanks

  5. Hi guys

    I would love to have a go at writing a script for you. I have been thinking about scriptwriting for a while now. I been doing some research and also been reading different movie stuff to learn as much as possible. I am a very creative guy, my wife and friends have been nagging at me for ages to have a go. If you could get back to me that would be great.

    Kind regards


  6. Bianca Russell

    Hi there!!
    I am an aspiring graphic designer and would be interested in designing a logo for ya. would appreciate if you could ya send me the info i need.

  7. what the title for the advert for skins thanks

  8. I’d be interested in having a go at a logo for you, and know a band that may be interested in submitting a cople of songs.

  9. hiya id love to have a go at trying to write/sing some
    songs for the show.i can sing in a couple of different
    languages and my sister has a unique style and would
    like to have a go at creating a shoot.
    S & N NAHAR

  10. Saw the advert, was very interested being a young graphic designer… would love to do a logo for you, or any involvement with e4 the coolest programme on the earth.



  11. i am trying to persue a career in graphis design and would love to get involved. i love e4 and think i would be able to create some fantastic designs. i would appreciate it you could send me some info thanks x x x x

  12. hi im interested in designing a logo for the show, im a graphic design student and this sounds like a great opportunity.

  13. the comp details were on http://www.e4.com/skins -but it has closed now. However I think they were , until recently still accepting entries for the website. Check the myspace -myspace.com/e4skins

  14. whats da song on da credits

  15. Would love to submit a story for e4, would like to bring in guy from N.ireland in to the series who has family problems

  16. Hey.
    You can have a good chat and look up loads of details and stuff about skins at http://e4-skins.co.uk

    Go check it out : )
    (if you do, give the adverts a click please .. it gives me money!)

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