Stella Artois drops Channel 4 sponsorship

Stella Artois has has ended its sponsorship of Channel 4 Film, despite recent activity strengthening its ties with cinema and film, notably the outdoor film festival Studio Artois Live (put on by the folks at Exposure).


The Studio Artois activity has also been backed by a new Studio Artois website which goes a little bit deeper than “check out the latest film from Hollywood”, and offers quite an involving experience – but only if you’re a film buff.

So it seems like Stella is moving away from mainstream awareness of its film activity, whilst keeping a credible finger on the pulse in the film world. Question is, what will they spend the estimated £1m pot that they’ve saved from the Channel 4 deal?


One response to “Stella Artois drops Channel 4 sponsorship

  1. ello 🙂 i remember years back now! I watched a film series which was sponsord by you..

    they were on a train! then ther was an accident! sumfin made a huge flash!!! the whole earth had jus changed instantly.. they started to go off exploring to find out what had happened, on there travels they were to find things more n more shocking!

    I do find the video amazing! theres always something new happening around the corner

    please try and find out the name thank youuuu 🙂

    happy new yearrr

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