Kelis signs to promote Ford in the US


Kelis is the latest urban star to sign an endorsement deal, signing with Fordhas to promote the new Ford Edge. The deal also includes Kelis recording a new song specifically for the campaign – ‘Push It To The Edge’. The track will include the lyrics “So clean in my Edge/Steady headed to the spot/Speakers bump thump thump/All you hearin’ on the block.”

Whilst not an original idea, the choice of using Kelis over some of her peers in the scene is actually a pretty good one. Although she’s had massive chart success and album sales, she still has a great ‘underground’ (and therefore credible) feel about her – her marriage to one of the living legends in hip hop, Nas (who also came out to promote the car at the launch party) also lends her credible authority.

Funnily enough, in the track ‘In Public’ (featuring Nas) she did indicate that she likes getting it on in cars, although a little Ford probably didn’t factor into things too much! But hey, I can see some great PR stunts here! I can see the headlines in The Sun already – ‘Keli’s caught dogging in Streatham…in a Ford!’


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