MySpace foray into publishing

“MySpace is making its first UK foray into print publishing with a deal to provide content for Marmalade magazine.

The March 2007 edition of style magazine Marmalade will be entirely made up of user-generated content drawn from the social networking website.

Users will be able to put forward their work via Marmalade’s MySpace page, while the editorial staff of the magazine will be on the look-out for interesting content from pages across the social network.”

Whilst the MySpace idea may work in the online world, providing a portal to otherwise inaccessible content (particularly music and niche social groups), I’m not sure that a print-based version offers the same immediacy or authority – certainly no more so than the already accepted (and trusted) fanzine culture. I can’t help thinking that by offering an opinion via an established magazine, MySpace is falling into the trap of being little more than a columnist with an opinion that could easily become irrelavent to many.


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