Sony caught with pants down

Following the semi-official blog that had some people feeling a little cynical, Sony has been now been caught running a fake PSP fan site which won’t win them any friends. Sony seem to have a habit of taking an idea and cocking it up recently – remember they’re graffiti campaign which also backfired?! appeared to have been designed by two mates and featured downloadable PSP cards and t-shirt transfers. There was even a Youtube video with one of the mates’ cousins rapping about the console. The site had been registered by marketing outfit Zipatoni, who are also openly admitting they’re behind it on the company website.

It seems to me that perhaps Sony need to consider some of the ‘good’ ideas they have a little more. I like the idea of what they’re doing (I work in marketing after all!) but with all the negative publicity already surrounding the launch of the PS3 I’m not sure its a good idea to be walking the line like this.


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