Sony Playstation semi-official blog

There’s been a mass of activity recently with large corporates trying to engage with customers in different ways, whether to stimulate discussion (AOL) or simply continuing your tone of voice (Google). Potentially it’s a great thing but companies need to be prepared to commit and remain impartial if they don’t want it to backfire. Playstation are now getting involved in this area through a semi-official site/blog, and I’ll let them explain:

This is Three Speech…Three Speech isn’t part of PlayStation, but it does get to speak to PlayStation. You could say we’re ‘semi official’. We bring together people who have something valid and engaging to say about gaming and digital entertainment. Anyone’s invited to respond to threads; also to contact us about coming on board as a guest blogger. People are free to say what they want here. We won’t censor content so long as this space is used constructively. We can’t promise that PlayStation will respond to everything but they will get involved along the way. Let us know what you think of Three Speech. We value your feedback and hope you find this blog of use. Get in touch –

There’s a fair amont of debate amongst the gamer community right now about this site, and it looks like Ramp Industry are involved with this site.


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