AKQA opens in Second Life

The latest agency following Arc Worldwide and BBH into Second LifeDigital is the digital agency AKQA, who this month are opening an office in the virtual world. The idea is to use the opportunity to hire new talent and get ideas from SL inhabitants. It will also host “AKQA Insight” seminars, allowing anyone in the world with a computer and broadband connection who is signed up to Second Life to contribute branding ideas.


3 responses to “AKQA opens in Second Life

  1. Great to see more agencies entering SL. So far, it’s primarily the larger, US-based agencies. My company, K Zero, is a UK-based digital branding and advertising consultancy. Our office is currently being built in SL and unlike other companies that tend to hide their development until it’s ready, we’re showing the progress daily on the K Zero blog and allowing visitors to the ‘building site’,
    With large and small agencies now entering SL, it will be VERY interesting to see who makes progress and who doesn’t.

  2. Its interesting that you say that Nic, as there seems to be a pretty hot debate amongst people as to whether its a good thing or not.

    I know people from both ‘sides of the coin’ and I think that a consistent point is that in order to be valid within SL, a brand/agency needs to contribute something.

    An example of the AKQA thing is that realistically, how many people are they going to attract in terms of recruitment? Therefore, is they’re SL activity just a PR thing?

    Its certainly a contentious issue in agency-land!

  3. i think you’ve hit the nail on the head – companies (and agencies) have to give a pay-back to the residents that visit their SL venues. there’s only so much equity generated by having a flashy building. case in hand – i visited the new bmw island yesterday and it’s just a digital showroom with a couple of cars. i doubt i’ll be returning to it.

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